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Managing the UX Team: Learning How to Learn Again

Some people get to a certain point in their career and find themselves running the UX team and they find that it’s different. There’s no more wireframes. There’s no more research. There’s no more photoshop or code. It’s not just the spreadsheets and the new business terms, the accountability and EBITDA, mixed in with the perfection we strive for as user advocates. There’s a sudden and distinct separation between them and the teams they work with.  There’s a bigger picture to focus on, without losing sight of the users.  There’s people, who are still the same people, who suddenly need to be productive… or did they always need to be productive… and… Sometimes the biggest challenge is understanding just what is it that you’ve stepped in to and what needs to be tackled first.

If you’ve been asked to step into a leadership role, or you’re confident that you will get there, this is designed to be an exploration of the elements involved in moving out of being a practitioner and into being a UX leader in an organization. You will walk away with enough tips to get you started on a successful leadership path, enabling you to build, strengthen, and maintain great teams who do great things for great organizations.

Christian Manzella

Christian Manzella

Christian Manzella has been working in the internet for nearly 20 years, across multiple industries. He is co-founder of GIANT, and is the VP of UX & Design at Moz.