Speaker Details: Lorna Ross

Creative Destruction; Design as an Agent for Change in Complex Systems

Design as a discipline has migrated from its function as an element of the manufacturing economy to the service economy, consistent in its focus on the end user.

Service design is a research based specialization of traditional product design with roots in ethnography, and systems thinking. It is effective in determines the most optimum touch points for customers to access a service and how these access points , in aggregate, become the experience.

Mayo clinic is the pioneer in the healthcare arena, being the first medical community globally to leverage the service and experience design competency actively.

Lorna Ross is the Director of Service Design at the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation.

She will showcase projects and case studies and share general insights and lessons learnt. She will also touch on how the discipline of service design has evolved to adapt to clinical context and how creativity and imagination gain credibility in evidence based culture.

Lorna Ross

Lorna Ross

Ross has 24 years’ experience working in design, design research and innovation with the past twelve years focused on health and health care. Mayo Clinic CFI is the fifth innovation group she has worked in. She is a graduate of The Royal College of Art, London, England.