Speaker Details: Veronica Erb

The Self-Aware Researcher

Whenever I do user experience research – no matter the user, client, product, or method – I learn new ways to improve my research. Each experience helps fuel my deliberate practice of research skills.

As a moderator or an observer, the self-aware researcher benefits from the opportunity to plan, practice, review, and try again. Over time, moderating becomes smoother, plans more thorough, and analysis more targeted.

Come to this presentation to consider how, by researching yourself, you can improve your research skills and pursue the path from novice to master.

Category: Research
Audience: Intermediate UXers
Veronica Erb

Veronica Erb

Veronica Erb designs, researches, illustrates, and writes code. When not living in the world of user experience, Veronica plays her ukulele, reads not-nearly-enough fiction, and hangs out in Washington, DC. You can find her on Twitter at @verbistheword and on the web at veronicaerb.co