In-Depth learning with six great workshops

We’re really excited to bring to you these six fantastic workshops to help you get hands-on experience on a wide range of topics pertaining to user experience. With everything from content strategy to using improv to improve client and team interactions, these workshops have got it covered. Let’s take a look at what’s interesting about each, shall we?

The Workshops

Just Say "Yes!": Enhancing UX Skills through Improv

Heather Wydeven

Get Excited About: Heather wrote an article for UX Magazine explaining the value of improv in UX. She points out that “saying ‘yes, and’ to ideas establishes an environment where those around us aren't afraid of failure.” Additionally, we’ve read Adaptive Path talking about improv, and caught this video at UX Week. You’ll get to learn many of these skills at this workshop.

Who It’s For: Anyone and everyone! Anyone can benefit from learning how to foster an environment that is conducive to creative, collaborative thinking.

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Bridging UX & Web Development

Jack Moffett

Get Excited About: Jack wrote a book about it. You get to learn straight from him.

Who It’s For: Designers and front-end developers that already have an understanding of the basics of HTML and CSS, but want to improve the efficiency, maintainability, and utility of their code.

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Yes You Can Draw- UX Edition

Keith Tatum

Get Excited About: Drawing! Keith will help you unlock your inner artist and supply you with techniques to use in UX planning and collaborative discussions. Not sure what to expect? Browse Keith’s Pinterest board from previous drawing workshops. We also love Keith’s Instagram focused on interesting type.

Who It’s For: Everyone, including those who feel they can't draw.

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Responsive Content Modeling

Steve Fisher

Get Excited About: Steve Fisher lives and breathes responsive web and content strategy. He’s got thoughts about design and content and the process for responsive web design and will impart that knowledge to you.

Who It’s For: intermediate and advanced UXers

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Communicating Content Strategy: Visual Tools for Content Planning and Production

Scott Kubie & Michael Metts

Get Excited About: Getting visual about content strategy! Scott and Michael are excited to equip you to apply visual thinking to content strategy — a discipline that’s commonly associated with spreadsheets and text documents, not diagrams and sketches.

Who It’s For: This workshop is about bringing two disciplines together, so whether you’re a designer who works on content-heavy projects or a content strategist working on highly interactive products, you’ll come away with some tools and techniques to aid your work.

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Designing for Ecosystems: The Intersection of Connected Technology & People

Steven Hoober

Get Excited About: Steven will supply you with a framework to understand how technology and users are more variable than you might expect. You will know how to ask questions to assure the right product is being built in the best possible way.

Who It’s For: Beginner and intermediate UXers

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