Make Spaces: A Third Kind of Conference Space

You may have noticed that MWUX14 includes a movie screening of the documentary Maker. This was a very intentional choice for us. When we brought together our local design community to talk about what we wanted to do with this years conference, many of you told us that you wanted to make things together — that you wanted to get your hands a little dirty.

On top of that, many of us are now working with sensors, circuits and wearables in our work. We saw great parallels between this new direction of our work and the Maker movement, and the film does a great job profiling just what that means.

But we know that not everyone is comfortable with circuits and sensors. And that's totally fine! But we’re all makers at heart. Sure, we design for screens or task flows or devices…but we also tinker, we create, we make artifacts. And really, there’s no reason you can’t make things with circuits or sensors. So we created a space that reduces the friction to play, and we included tools and materials that you might not have any experience with…or even know about! We’ve included:

  • littleBits to help you learn about circuits and sensors without soldering, volt meters or tools.
  • inspiration with crazy inspirational materials from Inventables
  • our Throwie Lab, where you can apply a basic electrical circuit to create fun nondestructive graffiti
  • …and more!

We created a third kind of conference space: not actively programmed space like speakers and workshops, but not open space like break rooms and hallways. Our Make Spaces are somewhere in between — take five and make a throwie, come early and make a littleBits project, chat with new friends over rubber glass and gel magnets. It’s casual, not time constrained, and easy to dip your toes into.

Of course, complete access to Make Spaces are included in every MWUX14 registration, and you can find a Make Space at both our main conference venues.

We’re so excited to play explore make with you!