Workshop Details: Heather Wydeven

Just Say "Yes!": Enhancing UX Skills through Improv

Half-Day • 9am - Noon • Herron School of Art & Design

Many of us have seen improvisational comedy at some point in our lives. We remember the laughs and the slapstick humor. But improv is about more than just “being funny.” At its core, the things that make improv so successful are also traits that are valuable to UX designers: the ability to listen, think in the moment, and clearly communicate creative ideas. Attendees will learn how to apply simple improv techniques to enhance interactions with clients and team members, facilitate creative brainstorming sessions, and foster team unity.

Heather Wydeven

Heather Wydeven

Heather Wydeven is a UX Designer at The Nerdery in Minneapolis, MN. Her background in theatre and graphic design, combined with frustrating online experiences, drove her to discover user experience. Heather quickly developed a passion for making those experiences better for everyone, and in 2013 entered the field through the UX apprenticeship at The Nerdery.