Workshop Details: Keith Tatum

Yes You Can Draw- UX Edition

Half-Day • 2pm - 5pm • Herron School of Art & Design

This workshop has been specifically designed for UX professionals to gain and reinforce confidence in their drawing skills. Engaging, hands-on exercises will teach you how to leverage simple drawing techniques in daily work and will focus on proven methods to organize ideas that drive meaning. Your instructor, Keith Tatum, has thoughtfully crafted activities intended to be the most fun and memorable ones at the conference.

Keith Tatum

Keith Tatum

Keith Tatum started sketching “digital things” around 1996 and hasn’t set a pencil down since. He has worked as an illustrator, visual designer, information architect, creative director and now leads at Ologie, a branding agency in Columbus, Ohio, as Director of UX. His passion for collaborative ideation and user experience planning comes through on white boards and sketchbooks daily for clients and team members. Keith also creates, collects and curates vintage typography as The Type Hunter.