The Midwest UX Conference is a unique three-day event that combines inspiring talks with hands-on activities presented by a mix of regional professionals and international experts.

Featured Speakers

Stephen Anderson Stephen
Lisa Welchman Lisa
Peter Morville Peter
Mark Rolston Mark
Jared Spool Jared
Lorna Ross Lorna
Steve Smith Steve

Latest Updates

What To Expect at MWUX14

Hey there! We can’t wait to see you in a few days for Midwest UX 2014! We’re in full-on preparation mode to get ready for your arrival, and we want to help you be prepared, too. Here are few things to know before you get here:


Make Spaces: A Third Kind of Conference Space

You may have noticed that MWUX14 includes a movie screening of the documentary Maker. This was a very intentional choice for us. When we brought together our local design community to talk about what we wanted to do with this years conference, many...


Got FOMO? We've got the cure.

So we hear you...the MWUX14 speaker lineup features a lot of great speakers and talks, and that’s leading to some FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) about which one to choose. We’ve worked up a bit of awesomeness for you.


What Midwest UX 2014 will be all about

A Unique, Personal Event

MWUX14 is a low-key, high-value event with many opportunities to make new friends and connect with your peers.

Learning About What’s Next in UX & the Maker Movement

This conference is focused on what’s next in UX — Emerging technologies, wearables, Internet of Things (IoT), etc. You’ll hear from 31 amazing speakers and leave prepared and energized to take on the future of the UX and Making industry.

Reflect, Learn, Engage

During the two-day schedule you’ll get hands-on experiences in making, engage and meet new people in the UX, design, & tech spaces, and be exposed to new ideas and ways of doing things.

Who’s behind MWUX14?

We are four leaders in the field of UX from a variety of backgrounds including HCI, research, design, and development who each share a passion for bringing the community together.

We represent diverse professional teams working in a range of contexts including entrepreneurship, tech, software, web marketing, cutting-edge product design and healthcare innovations. We are connected through our drive to put the Midwest and Indy on the map for UX, making, and product design.

We look forward to seeing you at MWUX14!